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The Danger of Over-Valuing Machine Learning

Machine learning is a powerful tool in the AI toolbox, but its limitations must be understood to use effectively. GETTY Machine learning has become the latest darling of the IT marketing space, a secret sauce that is supposed to turbo-charge computers and brings us closer to the nirvana of artificial intelligence dominance …. or something like that. Like so much of what comes out of IT marketing, most of it is hype and deceptive hype at that. While there is a lot of power in what machine learning can do,… more

How AI Is Making Buildings Smart And Intelligent

For decades, technological innovation has been revolutionizing businesses, offering them innumerable long-term benefits and growth. Now, these technologies are set to transform structures that form the foundation of cities and their development. Comparing the buildings of the present to what they were even a few years ago will show massive changes. Modern buildings are more than just four walls and a roof. Building walls now even have ears and eyes, all thanks to digital technologies. According to studies… more

AI, Universities And The Knowledge Gap

When it comes to addressing the future of the artificial intelligence industry, few people are caught in the middle of every change and shift than academics pushing forward leading research at universities. Steve Kuyan of NYU and FutureLabs is at the crossroads of the future of academic research in AI is well as the business implementation side. He recently shared his unique insights and perspectives on what we might expect from the industry going forward. As AI continues to gain popularity due to its… more

Biobanking Is Changing The World

With the evolution of biobanks rapidly enabling the creation of massive collections of biological material and associated information, how are these collected terabytes of data transforming nations? Introduction Biobanking is here. Artificial Intelligence (AI)-driven process automation, data analytics, robotics, the internet, and other rapidly emerging technological advances are driving the revolution of biobanks, biorepositories and biospecimen science. With the evolution of biobanking from a simple… more

How Gen Z (and Gen AA) Are Reshaping the Economy

Time-shifting the Generations Bloomberg has lately been running a superb series about the generations growing up in the shadows of the Millennials. Go read it, though read mine as well, as I've been watching the emergence of this particular generation for a while, and disagree with a few of the conclusions that the Bloomberg articles make.First, a question of timing. The whole notion of generations came about due to the work of two sociologists — William Strauss and Neil Howe, in the 1991 book Generations… more

5 Applications Of Collaborative Robots In Manufacturing

Over the last few years, automation has gained immense popularity in various industries. And the manufacturing industry sits on the cutting edge of automation technology, ahead of other industries. With automation, manufacturing companies have revolutionized the way activities were once performed. With autonomous systems coming into the picture, human participation and involvement have reduced significantly. As a result, work gets done faster and more importantly, with greater precision. Though automation… more

AI Helping Extract Value In The Mining Industry

When you combine the words data and mining, you might think IT and technology-focused initiatives aimed at extracting value from data in the enterprise. But sometimes we mean applying the power of data and intelligence to the actual mining industry, where the primary value being extracted are resources from the earth. Even in this very physical of industries, artificial intelligence and machine learning are being applied to increase the efficiency, effectiveness, environmental and safety concerns, and… more

How Opportunity Zones Are Helping AI Startups Thrive in Low-Income Communities

There are 879 Opportunity Zones in the state of California alone. BRANDI IBRAO Opportunity zones have the potential to unlock an entirely new class of investors and bring high-tech, high-return AI companies to lower-income communities to create jobs in and move the capital to areas of poverty. For investors in startups focusing on advanced technology such as AI that might take decades to develop, exit or go public, opportunity zone investment provides an amazing, low-risk opportunity.  The intention of… more

Eight Women Founders Share Their Insights On AI And Intimacy

Technology is transforming how we communicate love and closeness, it also carries enormous potential to help us in developing deeper emotional and personal connections. AI specifically, has shifted what we think is possible with sex, adding more options for those who have a difficult time with intimacy. Unfortunately, due to systemic bias in technology, current developments in AI and intimacy tend to not reflect the needs of women.  This is where the categories of femtech and sextech come in. Femtech… more

Crypto-Currencies Are Poised To Radically Change Finance …. And Reshape Nations

Once the need for a physical medium for currency disappears, the potential for radical change in financial systems rises dramatically. We're entering into this era now. GETTY In the 18th Century, a venture begun in England established an outpost in the New World around Hudson Bay. The Hudson Bay Company was given license by the crown to exploit the bounty of the Northernmost parts of North America, and eventually, a trading network was built out, trading fur, woods and mineral resources. This network… more